421 Yard Sale

421 Yard Sale
Annually, The First Friday& Saturday of May.




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Shopper Tips

Some sellers expect haggling, and price accordingly, and some act shocked when you ask. Haggle anyway. To them, that stuff is clutter, not stock, and they do not want to lug it back into the house at the end of the day. Because of this, you may get deeper discounts at yard sales than at any other venue.

You may not get the exact price you want, but you should be able to get some sort of discount.
Dress down a bit. Showing up in your designer clothes; driving a $60,000 car might work against you.

Don’t Offer Too Little: Offering less than half of the tag price may come across as an insult. Start at a little more than half, and expect to meet somewhere in the middle.

Offer Less Than You are Willing to Pay: Expect the seller to counter your first offer, and negotiate up from there.

Don’t criticize the merchandise, but politely point out any flaws or damage.

Be Nice: Remember that you are negotiating, not arguing, and you are asking for a favor. Rudeness to a seller could cost you more than the current negotiation. If you get a reputation for rudeness at yard sales sellers may not want to haggle or deal with you at all.

Buy in Bulk: Offer a group price if a seller has several items you want. Selling multiple items is a bigger incentive to deal.

Have Cash in Hand: Make an offer and hold out that amount of cash. That’s harder for the seller to resist than when you ask without showing them the green.

Be Willing to Walk Away: If you don’t reach an agreement on price, walk away. You can always come back later in the day if the item hasn’t sold. Remember to ask what time they plan to close.

You may get better deals at the end of the day. Sellers are tired, and they'd rather sell something for less than pack it.

Caveat emptor (buyer beware): When dealing with vendors, The 421 Yard Sale assumes no responsibility for vendor behavior or practices when dealing with you. We do expect vendors to conduct themselves in a legal and ethical manner. Any dispute between you and the vendor is just that; between you and the vendor. Please notify the location manager of any vendor should not be allowed to continue to participate.

Now, let's go have some fun and find some great deals.


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